The Notion PPV online course is here!

Details now at the new course home page:


This course will be the fastest, easiest on-boarding to the PPV Notion Life OS imaginable. And it will take PPV veterans to new levels.

The live-teaching online program will deliver Version 2.0 of the full PPV system — more deeply integrated, while simultaneously simpler & more capable at transforming and shaping daily action.

The program will have live sessions fully covering both Life Alignment and Knowledge Management. Plus live video Q&A sessions.

The templates will be comprehensive, but it will be far more than a Notion course — it's a personal performance transformation with habit shaping, mindset & identity sculpting, focus enhancement, mindfulness, purpose discovery, and alignment across life.

The Knowledge Management portion will enable fast capture of ideas anytime, anywhere. And critically, it will encompass the most precise method I've ever seen for resurfacing the right ideas at the right time to channel them into action and output.

I can't begin to convey how excited I am about this program!

It will be the culmination of over 25 years of systems thinking and process implementation, mixed with revelations from overcoming life-threatening health crises, anxiety, debilitating stress, a racing mind and attention deficit challenges.

I'm holding nothing back, it's the life transformation I wish I'd had exposure to years ago. And you'll master Notion in the process. Join us!

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